What is Web Design?

Let’s think of designing a website like constructing a building for your company. There are many parts that make up the whole.

First, it starts with getting a good location. That’s called “hosting” and that determines where your website is physically located. We provide our own prime real estate to our clients, so you will never need to worry about that. For more about hosting, click here.

Next, we have to build the foundation and lay in the framework of the building. During this phase of web design, the designer will want to know what the goal of your website is? Are we trying to make sales? Generate calls to you? Is it a social media website? This will determine the structure of your site.

Once we have the purpose of the site established, we will look at what layouts you like. Do you want a video to display when they open the site? Do you like a clean flowing website? The designer will give you a few templates to choose from. Keeping with our analogy, we are now putting in the walls and hardwood flooring.

Once the main page has been created, we will move onto the “sub-pages”. These are the other pages that customers will see after your Home Page. Like the “About Me” section or “Contact Us”. This part is fairly simple and fast. This is akin to adding the additional rooms and offices you will need in your building.

And then comes the colors and final draft. The web designer will adjust the colors (paint the walls) of your website to fit what you are trying to communicate. And there you have it! That is how a website is born.

Now, you might have noticed that there are a few other services that we provide which are not included under “web design”. Think of these as adding the furniture and shrubbery to your building. They are each priced individually. This includes:

Logo design

Copywriting for your site

Product Photography

Expert Blogging

Search Engine Optimization

Logo Design

Every company needs a logo. And when it comes to design, you definitely get what you pay for. You can buy a logo from a pre-made collection for relatively nothing, but it might be lacking the feel and professionalism your company needs. Your logo is the mental symbol your customers will carry with them, long after leaving your site. We offer custom logo design for individuals and businesses.


Copywriting is defined as the writing of the text for advertisements or promotional items. This is its own industry with a completely separate skill set to those used in web design. When it comes to a website, every word you read on the site fall under this category.

You may already have a website and you just need an upgrade. If so, we can take the copy from your current site and simply add it to the new site. Or, you can write the content yourself, if you have a joy for writing.

We also provide professional copywriting services, to ensure your website communicates your message perfectly.

Product Photography

No matter your location, we have professionals we can recommend and work with directly to provide the quality photographs your company needs. Low-quality photographs can decrease your sales beyond measure. Your website is your physical presence online, make it worthy of your company.

Expert Blogging & SEO

Blogs are key to building up a large following and readership. They are also highly utilized in increasing traffic to your site from other blogs and search engines. Search Engine Optimization is the subject of how to get you to rank higher on search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Amazon. This is a vital addition to every website and can change your views from 100/week to 1,000,000/week if done well and invested in long enough.

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