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Bizbo Code

“Biz” = Business

“Bo” = originally from a Norse word which meant “to live

We believe that a business is supposed to enhance your life and the lives of those around you, not detract from it. In the spirit of this, we have created the Bizbo Code.

As a businessman or businesswoman, I pledge myself to the Bizbo Code:

1. To use my knowledge of business to the best of my abilities to build and grow my business.

2. To never cease to improve my knowledge of my industry and successful business management.

3. To refuse to accept money from anyone I truly do not feel that I can service or help.

4. To refund money received if I discover I cannot provide an honest and fair exchange.

5. To speak out against malpractice or misconduct in business.

6. To always provide a fair or better exchange for funds received, and to never “shortchange” or provide an unprofessional quality service to my customers.

7. To seek to always be punctual and provide the service within the agreed upon time frame.

8. To never make a business promise or agreement that I cannot keep.

9. To refuse to do business with companies or individuals who refuse to uphold ethical business conduct of their own accord.

10. To always work towards the success of the whole group, as a whole, and to never form bias or prejudice for or against one person or section of my company.

11. To ignore gossip or rumor about the company or its employees and to judge each area or employee solely based off of its production record. To recognize that those with a record of high-quality, high-quantity work done deserve to be protected.

12. To stop negative gossip or rumors from spreading within the business and to insist upon a positive work environment.

13. To never fail to let an employee go if it is found that they are more damaging to the group than they provide a benefit. It is no kindness to allow an unproductive or hostile employee to remain on the team, as it harms all of the better group members and will produce only production loss.

14. To create an air of safety and security in the workplace for my employees and staff.

15. To understand that while the sacrifice of time, sweat and tears may be necessary in the building of my business, the purpose of my business is to improve the quality of life of myself and those I care for.

16. To support effective betterment programs and activities in my area so as to increase the quality of life for myself and those around me and my business.

17. To ensure equal rights, respect and opportunity are given to all under my employ or applying, no matter their race, color or beliefs and to support the complete list of human rights in my area, which can be found here.

18. To encourage my employees to grow and improve their knowledge, understanding, and abilities.

19. To discourage the use of drugs by implementing drug education and prevention programs in the workplace. Helpful educational tools in drug-use prevention can be found here.

20. To help like-minded business owners grow and improve their businesses with honest advice and care.

21. To insist that when a workable business structure is formed, that it is followed by my employees and myself.

22. To ensure that the rules and standards of my business are clearly published and easily known.

23. To never shut my eyes to ways to improve my business, while at the same time never losing sight of the core vision of my business and its values.

24. To welcome new businesses into the Bizbo club and offer my help freely.

25. To set an example as a fantastic business owner and lead by example within my own company.

26. To increase the quality of life of those that my business reaches.

27. Flourish and prosper

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